Donald Trump Jr. slammed former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe after it was reported that he’d be taking leave until his retirement in March, saying the decision meant “the American tax payer is stuck paying him for the rest of his life.”

McCabe resigned effective immediately Monday, but is taking “terminal leave” until he can officially retire when his pension kicks in.

“So they will keep him on till then despite all this to make sure the American tax payer is stuck paying him for the rest of his life?” Trump Jr. tweeted in response to the news.

McCabe had been acting FBI director from May to August 2017 after President Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey.

Trump and some Republicans have questioned whether McCabe had a conflict of interest in his oversight role in the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

His name is also expected to be mentioned in a controversial, classified memo written by the GOP-led House Intelligence Committee that reportedly details government surveillance abuses related to the infamous Trump dossier.

FBI Director Christopher Wray viewed the memo on Sunday, according to Fox News.

Trump Jr. speculated that McCabe’s early departure was related to Wray viewing the memo.

“Strange timing. ‘Stepping down’ the day after FBI brass sees the memo. I wonder what’s in there?” he wrote, calling for the memo’s release.