Earlier this week, Donald Trump Jr. spoke to thousands of conservative college students at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach, Fla. – just under 5 miles from President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, where the president spends time during the winter months.

The president’s eldest son commended the millennial activists for their courage to speak out for what they believe in despite an increasingly hostile liberal bias prevalent on college campuses.

“As young conservatives, you’re really the new rebels," he told the crowd. "Conservatism was never thought of that way, but when you really think about it, you’re the only people now in this country challenging the establishment, breaking from the norms, breaking from the forced trends of the things that were put on you by generations ahead of you. You’re the only ones that will actually do something other than regurgitate what your parents and teachers are telling you. That takes guts these days.”

Trump Jr. continued. “I understand the hits that you guys take, but the fact that you’re willing to take them – the fact that you’re willing to fight back – shows something incredible to me. Frankly, there’s so many more of you than you would ever believe.”

The young millionaire also touted his father’s accomplishments since he became president.

“I’d say my father has done a lot – much more than anyone would ever give him credit for,” Trump Jr. said. “You know you’re crushing it when the Huffington Post writes an article titled ‘Sadly, Trump is Winning’ or when CNN does one titled, and I quote, ‘Donald Trump: Keeper of Promises.’ You also know you’re winning when CNN is reporting on how many Diet Cokes and scoops of ice cream the president has.”

“What’s most important is what’s to come,” Trump Jr. continued. “The wall is going to be built. Our military is going to be restored. There will be more amazing conservative justices on the bench, and guys – tax cuts are on the way!”

Trump Jr. has attended multiple events hosted by Turning Point USA and recognizes the organization’s success, saying its “growth is spectacular.” He appreciates the fact that conservative millennials welcome free speech and praise their ability to hold proactive and intellectually stimulating conversations even when there is disagreement.

“Unlike the other side, you can have an opinion that differs. We’ll actually reason with you. We won’t start calling you a racist or misogynist or all the other -ist’s,” he said.

Prior to the 2016 election, Trump Jr. traveled to college campuses across the United States campaigning for his father. In doing so, he feels he's acquired a better understanding of the pressing issues that affect the vast majority of conservative college students.

“What’s going to happen when [liberal students] start complaining to their bosses about microaggressions?" Trump Jr. rhetorically asked. "They’re going to come out of college with a few hundred thousand dollars in debt. They’re going to have degrees in gender studies, underwater basket weaving, Marxist philosophy – and they’re going to wonder, ‘Why is it I can’t pay back those few hundred thousand dollars in debt? Why is it that I’m not making the same as the one who took electrical engineering?’ If you can’t figure it out, you’re part of the problem.”

In his speech, Trump Jr. spoke out against the liberal elites’ inability to create an environment where all ideas – specifically conservative ideas – are welcomed.

“In their perpetual quest for diversity, what universities are actually looking for isn’t diversity. They’re simply looking for a place where everyone looks different but thinks exactly the same. True diversity is diversity of thought, and that doesn’t exist right now," he explained. "You are part of the movement. You guys are the leading edge. You are the freedom fighters, you are the warriors. You are the front lines, and you will determine the future of this country.”

Despite verifiably fake news and consistent negative press coverage of the Trump administration, Trump Jr. is proud of his father’s achievements in 2017. He knows Trump isn’t getting a fair shake from the mainstream media – and probably never will. Nonetheless, he remains hopeful that the thousands of freedom-fighting, conservative activists at Turning Point USA will continue to spread the president’s message far and wide throughout the United States.

Trump Jr. then concluded his speech with a question.

“Imagine if a Democratic president turned around the economy in nine months, created 1.5 million jobs, oversaw 70-plus record highs in the stock market, signed over 50 bills and laws, confirmed a record number of justices – what do you think the media would say? I think they’d be talking about historic in terms of accomplishment, wouldn’t you?”

From the resounding “yes” in the West Palm Beach County Convention Center, thousands of Turning Point USA activists think so as well. In just a little over five years, Turning Point USA activists have built a solid foundation for conservative grassroots organizing, and it is their mission to continue spreading the conservative message for generations to come.

Aaron Carpenter (@aaronjcarpenter) is a senior at Ohio State University majoring in mechanical engineering. One of Aaron’s claims to fame is that Donald Trump retweeted one of Aaron’s tweets in March 2015.