Donald Trump Jr. believes the release of the controversial Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act memo outlining alleged abuses of surveillance powers by the Department of Justice and FBI to target a former Trump campaign associate "is a little bit of sweet revenge" for his father, President Trump, and the rest of the Trump clan.

"There is a little bit of sweet revenge in it for me and certainly probably the family in a sense that if they wouldn't have done this, this stuff would be going on. This would be going on at the highest levels of government," Trump Jr. told Fox News late Saturday, referring to House Republicans invoking a congressional rule to trigger the release of the GOP-drafted memo.

"They'd be continuing to do it to my father, trying to undermine his actions. Imagine how effective he can be — given the year he's had — without this cloud over his head," the president's eldest son continued.

The memo alleges the DOJ and the FBI did not disclose they were prompted to investigate former Trump foreign policy adviser Carter Page by the unverified Trump-Russia dossier, which was partly paid for by Hillary Clinton's campaign and the Democratic National Committee, when applying for a warrant to collect information on Page.

"They weaponized the FBI and the DOJ to attack the duly elected president of the United States," Trump Jr. said of the federal bodies under the Obama administration, adding this was an example of how special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe is "rotten to the core."

Trump Jr. also called for all investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 election to "come to a conclusion already."