Donald Trump Jr. has accepted a $100,000 speaking engagement at the University of North Texas' Kuehne Speaker Series on Oct. 24, according to a report Thursday.

The university and Trump's representatives have finalized a contract, but have yet to settle on a venue for event. In Trump's contract, the AT&T Stadium was listed as the potential location for series.

Trump, 39, is slated to speak for 30 minutes and then take part in a 30-minute Q&A session with the audience. He will be provided with the questions before the session, according to North Texas Daily school newspaper.

Trump, who is currently being scrutinized as part of investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, is also required to attend a dinner the night before the event, as well as a VIP breakfast and photo op the next month. He will also appear at a VIP reception and photo op again right before his speech.

The president's eldest son will also have his lodging, meals, and travel paid for by the school, up to $5,000 in compensation.

The school did not list sponsors of the event.