Donald Trump beat back a late rally by Ted Cruz in the Louisiana primary Saturday night, notching his first victory of Super Saturday.

Trump was looking for the win to blunt Cruz's momentum from caucuses in Kansas and Maine. But his margin of victory ended up being much narrower than the early returns suggested.

One in-state endorser Trump will not thank is David Duke, the Louisiana white supremacist figure whose controversial endorsement of the Republican front-runner plunged the race into controversy this week.

Trump has done well in previous Southern primaries. Recently, he was endorsed by NASCAR, and of course notched an impressive victory in the South Carolina primary.

Trump appears to be more vulnerable in the Southwest and Midwest, where he had ceded contests to Cruz now in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Iowa.

Trump also seems to have more problems with caucuses than primaries.

Marco Rubio continued to be shut out Saturday night, running a distant third in Louisiana. Trump delayed coming out to address reporters and voters as his lead in Louisiana shrank and Kentucky continued to hang in the balance.