Donald Trump is leading the polls for the Republican presidential nomination. He's a successful businessman. And he's also a tremendous actor. Not only on his former reality show, "The Apprentice," but in multiple films and TV shows as well.

Sure, it's relatively easy to appear as yourself, as Trump often has. But it doesn't mean one can't appreciate his performances. Here's 13 clips of Trump acting:

Suddenly Susan

Perhaps the most prescient scene of Trump's acting career came in 1997 on the show "Suddenly Susan." The main characters try to get Trump to invest in their magazine, revealing a cover photo of The Donald with the headline "Our Next President?" Trump's cameo begins 11 minutes and 30 seconds into the video.

Spin City

In another run-in with politics, Trump appears briefly in a 1998 episode of "Spin City" to help the mayor write his autobiography. Trump's cameo begins 3 minutes and 30 seconds into the video.

The Tonight Show

Trump isn't afraid of late night television. In September, he appeared on the "Tonight Show" for an interview ... with himself.

Pizza Hut

After appearing in movies and TV shows, the only thing left for Trump to conquer was commercials. In this delightfully awkward clip from 1995, Trump and his ex-wife discuss eating their stuffed crust pizza backwards. If you ask Trump, eating pizza crust-first is the more luxurious and classy way to eat.

The Nanny

Trump appeared on a 1996 episode of "The Nanny" as a friend of the title character, after the nanny becomes famous. Trump's cameo begins 11 minutes and 30 seconds into the video.

The Little Rascals

In a rare appearance acting as someone else, Trump played Waldo's dad in the 1994 film version of "The Little Rascals."

Ghosts Can't Do It

In a 1990 box office bomb, Trump meets a businesswoman played by Bo Derek. Her husband dies, but comes back to life as a ghost only she can see and hear, guiding her through the meeting with Trump.

Home Alone 2

Trump makes a cameo in "Home Alone 2," directing Kevin to the lobby at the Plaza Hotel.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Trump shows up in Bel-Air in 1994 with plans to buy the mansion where Will Smith and his Uncle Phil's family live. In the end, Trump disappoints the family by buying a different house.

The Associate

Trump shows up in 1996's "The Associate," where Whoopi Goldberg impersonates a fictional white man so she can make it on Wall Street. After Goldberg's competitor can't get a table for lunch, Trump takes off with Goldberg.

Wrestlemania 23

Sorry to burst your bubble if you didn't know, but "Wrestlemania" is scripted. In 2007, Trump tackled fellow billionaire Vince McMahon and then shaved McMahon's hair after Trump "won" a wrestling bet.

Drew Carey Show

Trump appears in a 1997 episode of "The Drew Carey Show" to give Carey and his friends box tickets to the Yankees game. It was one of Trump's nicer moments, helping Carey and his friends even though their ice cream truck didn't have the treat he wanted.

Night Man

Trump shows up at a bank in a 1997 episode of "Nightman" to get $10,000 in cash after he lost his wallet. Trump's cameo begins 16 minutes and 15 seconds into the video.

Saturday Night Live

Trump hosted an episode of "Saturday Night Live" in 2004. "It's great to be here at Saturday Night Live, but I'll be completely honest, it's even better for Saturday Night Live that I'm here," Trump said in his opening monologue. "Nobody's bigger than me, nobody's better than me, I'm a ratings machine." Sound familiar?

Jason Russell is a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner.