Donna Brazile didn't dispute the idea that there is a coordinated effort to discredit the bombshell claims she makes in her new memoir, including how the Clinton campaign struck a deal with the DNC which looked like an "unethical" takeover.

As Brazile has faced widespread backlash to her book, titled, Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House, she was asked by Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Wednesday if she had any idea who might be spearheading an opposition research effort.

"I'm watching people who know you well, journalists and Democratic Party officials, go after you, and the one thing I noticed is that the attacks all sound the same," Carlson said at the top of the interview. "My guess, and I want to ask you as a professional political person, it seems obvious that there was coordination, that someone is doing oppo on you in response to your book. Who you think that is?"

Brazile, who has been pushing for the party to move on from the 2016 campaign debacle, told her former CNN colleague that she doesn't have the time to "figure out" who is spending money on what.

"I'm sure it's some much-needed money that needs to go to Democratic candidates next year, to figure out what I said in this book is factually correct," she added.

Brazile goes on to say her book tells some "hard truths."

After a reveal from Brazile, courtesy of a weekend preview of her memoir by the Washington Post, accused the Clinton camp of treating her like a "slave," expressed concerns about Russian interference, also detailed her consideration of replacing Clinton with then-Vice President Joe Biden as the party's presidential nominee after a health scare, dozens of members of the Clinton campaign shot back at Brazile.

"[W]e do not recognize the campaign she portrays in the book," a letter from the group said.

Other critics of Brazile who have disputed her version of events have said it is part of a ploy to sell books and have jumped on what appears to be Brazile already walking back some of her claims about the 2016 election process.