Former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile said Tuesday that she exposed how Hillary Clinton's campaign took over the DNC because she reports to the voters, not Democrats.

"I don't report to the Democratic establishment," Brazile told CBS. "I report to the voters and what I wanted the voters to understand and the people that support the Democratic Party is that our party was under attack."

"We had to deal with a hostile foreign government — the hacking — and at the same time, I had to, like most campaigns, you had family squabbles. I fought with my family," Brazile said after going back and forth on why she would come out against Clinton.

At the same time, Brazile defended Clinton for helping to infuse the DNC with the cash needed to run against Donald Trump last year.

"Hillary Clinton did something for the party that everyone should understand. The party was broke and she gave the party a lifeline of resources in order for us to compete and that's what she did for the general election," Brazile said in her only defense of Clinton.