Former head of the Democratic National Committee Donna Brazile said that she “absolutely” questions the legitimacy of the Trump presidency, but we need to “wait” before thinking about impeachment.

“If the impeachment process needs to be started, then we need to wait until we have all of the evidence on the table,” the prominent Democrat said during an interview with USA Today published Tuesday.

Brazile said that some details that have emerged from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation “absolutely” have her questioning the legitimacy of his presidency, adding “and I didn’t have to wait a year to tell you that.”

“I was telling people that leading up until Election Day,” she explained. “How we could trust the data in our system when it had been corrupted.”

“The Russians were in our system,” she said adding that she believes the president needs to acknowledge this.

However, her message to Democrats pushing to impeach Trump was one of caution.

"Let’s wait," she said.

Brazile said the effort should remain on hold until special counsel Robert Mueller finishes his investigation in Russian interference, and even then she said they may have to wait until "we go back to the ballot box to remove him" rather then "just focusing on an impeachment.”

Last week six House Democrats introduced articles of impeachment against the president, claiming that a “great number” of Democrats support the idea.