Donna Brazile knows how to liven up a conference call.

During one such conversation last year, perceived sexism on the part of top Clinton aides prompted Brazile to make a fairly lewd quip, according to a HuffPost report on her new book. “Gentlemen," the then-interim Democratic National Committee chairwoman claims to have said, "Let’s just put our dicks out on the table and see who’s got the bigger one, because I know mine is bigger than all of yours.”

Vivid imagery.

Fighting sexism with sexually explicit language might not be the smartest strategy for the leader of a major party.

"I have worked with men all my life in politics and I can sense when they get to this part about not being able to deal with a woman. This is not a racial thing. This was a gender thing," Brazile wrote.

With her new book, she pretty clearly seems to be making an effort to cast herself as the lone voice of reason in a sea of overconfident, underprepared Democratic operatives that ultimately led their party to a surprising defeat last November. In reality, Brazile's rendering of the campaign probably involves some mixture of truth blended with revisionist history that's overly generous to her own reputation.

But if boosting her reputation was Brazile's goal, rolling out anecdotes like this one in particular might not have the desired effect.

Though her charges of sexism among Democrats are interesting given how many other liberal institutions — from the SEIU, to progressive media outlets, to Hollywood — have recently grappled with allegations their internal culture is inconsistent with their outward support for working women.