MSNBC's Donny Deutsch said Friday that President Trump is "disgusting" and "vulgar," in response to Trump's tweet that said Mika Brzezinski was "bleeding badly from a face-lift" on New Year's Eve.

Deutsch admitted he was taking the low ground against Trump, but said it's time to fight back against Trump after he attacked his co-host.

"Enough is enough with this disgusting, vulgar man," Deutsch said. "You're a pig, you are a bully, and you are doing disgusting things to this country."

"I'm taking the low ground here. You know what? He goes after a woman that way, he goes after a friend that way? He is vulgar human being to look at."

Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough were prepared to go on vacation and take in a Red Sox game in Boston Thursday night, but decided not to go because of the attention they would draw to their children.

Trump complained Thursday on Twitter about "low I.Q. Crazy Mika" and "Psycho Joe." Brzezinski, who has called Trump stupid and mentally ill before, replied with a tweet mocking the size of Trump's hands.

Host Willie Geist said both would join the show at 7 a.m. to speak about those tweets. He and other hosts said Trump's tweets were sexist and below the office of the presidency.

"She does not need me or anyone else to defend her, trust me, as everyone at this table knows," Geist said.

"Mika's smart, she's strong, she makes people in power uncomfortable, and she fears absolutely no one," he said. "You'll be reminded of all that when Mika and Joe join us at the top of the hour."