Maybe it's a genuine sentiment. Maybe it's clouded by bitterness stemming from his one (failed) season in Washington. Regardless, former Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb is not a fan of the zone read option.

In fact, he makes it seem as if the Redskins run it because coaches want to enhance their reputations.

"A lot of these coaches are looking for athletic guys who have strong arms, can process the defense and be able to get it to the guys and give them an opportunity to make plays," McNabb told Bloomberg Radio on Tuesday. "Now they're incorporating this read option, and all this other mess that coaches are being creative with and want their name tied behind it because they have the ability at quarterback."

Naturally, the topic turned to the obvious: How long can Robert Griffin III run out of this formation?

"The one thing that I don't like with this read-option offense is now we begin to kind of get embedded in it," McNabb said. "Instead of trying to develop this kid to be a quarterback in the NFL, a pocket passer who can do the three-, five-step seven-step drop and be very effective with it, now we're so entitled with this read option, this pistol offense, that we're making it into OUR offense. I think for RGIII, as well as for [Redskins coach Mike] Shanahan, it's important that they begin to evolve that offense to take pressure off of him."

The Redskins do need Griffin to improve as a passer to grow the offense. But his running helps the offense maintain unpredictability. And that likely won't change.

- John Keim