Republican voters, shell-shocked by the Democratic wave that swept over the country Tuesday, are not ready to give up the ship. Instead, they want GOP lawmakers to fight President Obama even harder.

While many voters want the dueling political parties to break bread and solve issues in a bipartisan way, Rasmussen Reports revealed in a new poll that a whopping 79% of Republicans think their party should stand up for principles and not cave in to compromise.

"Republicans are even more emphatic that the GOP should stick to its principles than they were four years ago," said Rasmussen.

That result is likely to bolster Tea Party members re-elected to the House, which remained firmly in Republican control and opposed to tax increases in the "fiscal cliff" negotiations, a position reaffirmed by GOP House and Senate leaders Thursday.

The poll found that the election did not heal the deep partisanship in the country. For example, 86 percent of Democratic voters said it is time for the GOP to work with Obama.

And it also indicated that Republican voters want party leaders to fight harder, believing that GOP lawmakers aren't doing a good job representing them in Congress.

Rasmussen said that 55 percent believe Republicans in Congress have lost touch with the party's voters throughout the nation. "Still," said Rasmussen, "this is more faith than Republicans had four years ago when 68% felt their congressional representatives were out of touch with the party's base. But then Republican have taken control of the House of Representatives since then."