Rather than kill the so-called "death tax," Senate Republicans have decided to compromise. The recent bill released by Senate Republicans did not include a full repeal, as had been promised.

The federal death tax -- also known as the Estate Tax -- negates incentives to save and invest, kills jobs, and inhibits overall economic growth. We are disappointed in our Senate leadership for not following through on their promises to repeal this onerous tax.

The Senate plan undermines the president and the House of Representatives on death tax repeal. The House Ways and Means Committee recently passed a bill out of committee which permanently repeals the death tax. The Senate bill falls short and keeps a 40 percent Death Tax on the books.

The death tax is morally wrong and is a fundamental property rights issue. No one should be complacent about taxing a grieving family at death. We ask Sens. Orrin Hatch, Mitch McConnell, and John Thune, along with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady to end this burdensome tax once and for all.

An April NPR/Ipsos poll showed 76 percent of Americans support repeal of the death tax including, 51 percent of Democrats. We hope our leaders in Congress listen to those whom they represent and should protect.

Dick Patten is president of The American Business Defense Council.

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