North Korea is the world's worst abuser of human rights in recent memory, according to a new report from a U.N. commission, whose chairman said the atrocities detailed in its pages reminded him of those committed by the Nazis.

The commission, headed by retired Australian judge Michael Kirby, recommended North Korea's leadership be referred to the International Criminal Court for trial on crimes against humanity.

Stunning, troubling information -- but don't hold your breath waiting for any action beyond the typical expressions of "deep concern" by the State Department and others.

North Korea's leaders are protected by an unprecedented form of blackmail -- the potential cost of taking care of the country's starving population in the case of regime collapse is so high that countries that might act against them, such as China, South Korea, the United States or Japan, are hesitant to do so.

The Kim family dynasty and its allies have brutalized their people so badly that the international community fears the victims more than the perpetrators.