Pressure is mounting in some quarters for Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to be made the sacrificial lamb for the abysmal failure of

There were more than sufficient grounds to terminate Sebelius during Obama's first term, not the least of which was her extorting contributions to promote Obamacare from the same health insurance providers HHS regulates under the program.

But Sebelius is not the major reason for the Obamacare website's epic flop from its first minute of operation on Oct. 1. The person who should be fired sits in the Oval Office.

His way or the highway

Nothing has so illustrated the fundamental problem with Barack Obama as president. No, it's not that he's the most left-wing president ever, it's that he is utterly and without apology unwilling to compromise on his ideological agenda for transforming America into a European welfare state. was launched on Oct. 1 despite its known flaws because Obama demanded that it not be delayed. Just as he refused during the shutdown crisis to even think about delaying the individual mandate, Obama insisted that the program's primary website go forward on his terms.

That's been Obama's attitude from day one. He ignored every Republican suggestion during the health care reform debate, just as he did on his economic stimulus package. It's hard to think of a single GOP idea Obama has incorporated into any of his signature proposals.

Reagan was different

Elsewhere on the site today, Washington Examiner columnist Noemie Emery points out that President Reagan's attitude on such things was profoundly different. "My 80 percent friend is not my 20 percent enemy," Reagan said.

The irony here is that Obama could have saved Obamacare by accepting the one-year delay sought by Republicans during the shutdown debate.

In a single stroke, he would have gained time to fix Obamacare (assuming that is possible, of course), forced Republicans to ground their most effective weapon for the 2014 congressional campaign, and positioned himself as the most reasonable guy in the room.

Instead, Obama refused to compromise, his signature domestic program has suffered what seems likely to be irreparable damage, and confirmed himself as the most unreasonable man in American politics.

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