If someone offers you a free membership in the Eunuchs Society, be very, very suspicious. That's just one of the things I learned from a new story by the Washington Free Beacon's Lachlan Markay.

"The Eunuchs Society was one of Achillean’s six clients, according to lobbying databases," Markay writes in his expose on the Achillean International Group, a lobbying firm with questionable connections. "And Achillean’s chief lobbyist, chairman, and CEO was Douglas Brice Jordan. Who, upon further review, turned out to have spent much of life behind bars."

Read the story. It's well-written, entertaining, and has little to do with national politics — which might be why it's characterized by such a lack of tolerance for spin.

For instance, Lachlan had a phone conversation with the "lobbyist" in question, who's now facing fraud charges in North Carolina. He tracked down the hotel where the man was staying. "Jordan said he was across town, which was strange. I hadn’t told him where in town I was ... Jordan said he was currently traveling. I pointed out that he was speaking to me from his hotel room. He paused, and asked what I’d like to know."