Perhaps the most sexist car insurance company I never heard of until today, Sheilas' Wheels in Britain, unveiled last week its ideal highway — with bright pink-painted lanes just for the ladies.

And it's not a joke. Sheilas' spokesman, Andy Sommer (yes, a man), released a statement about the concept, noting that the aim of the proposal is to being a discussion about making roads safer.

"As the UK’s leading car insurer for women, Sheilas' Wheels is serious about creating a safer road network for female drivers and we believe a discussion about how best to achieve this is long overdue," Sommer said.

Sheila's designed the women-only driving lanes to counteract some nasty statistics from Britain's Department for Transport, which found in 2012 that men were involved in "114,190 traffic accidents compared to just 70,470 for women, but 53 percent of women involved in a traffic accident are badly injured, compared to just 38 percent of men."

Also, Sheilas' Wheels says men are four times more likely to be convicted of traffic offenses.

Sheilas' Wheels claims its proposal could be implemented for the "relatively low cost" of $1.47 billion, noting this is in comparison to the British government's proposed $116.8-billion infrastructure plan.

At this point, ban male drivers?

"Separate lanes for women on roads would not only increase safety, but also would remove them from a potentially dangerous environment," Sheilas' Wheels notes on the website for its proposal. "PinkZones would be designed specifically for female drivers to enhance quality of life."

Again, why not just ban male drivers?

Probably because Sheilas' Wheels provides insurance to men, too, even though their marketing is based toward women — or at least, the most stereotypical view of women.

A visit to the company's website reveals three women dressed like Barbie, in hot pink sequin dresses posing with an equally heart-attack inducing pink convertible. Their insurance, "designed with women in mind!" offers such necessary things as handbag insurance if it's stolen from the car and a 24-hour phone line for counseling on any issue.

Because like, oh my God, as a woman, I need someone to tell my problems to at any minute of the day — especially if I just lost my favorite purse!