Rainey is an Alexandria native who quit her corporate job several years ago to become a life coach. She will join personal trainer Jillian Michaels and others on Saturday at the Get RADICAL women's conference at the Renaissance Washington Hotel.

Do you miss corporate America?

Initially leaving corporate America you miss the interaction of the office, especially as a sole entrepreneur working from home, but the more my business grew, I missed it less and less.

How does one get qualified to coach life?

There are a couple of different options. There's a licensing system, so that's what I did [in getting a master's degree]. ... I also found a coaching program that aligned with my philosophy and went through their program.

Explain RADICAL.

RADICAL is relative. It means that you are prepared to step out of your comfort zone so you can get what you want. It lets you define success for yourself and then have the guts to go after it. It can be changing your hairstyle ... for other people it's marching into your boss' office and asking for a raise. ... Even though it's relative, the feeling people have when they do whatever that thing is, is just the same.

Why do you focus exclusively on women?

Initially that wasn't my focus but as I began to build my business, I saw more and more of that being my client base.

What is your single best piece of advice?

Focus on you and not your competition. Look at what you want accomplished.

Do you prefer working one-on-one or in conferences?

That's a tough one. I love working with people one-on-one because we are able to a deep dive in their particular situation and I'm able to track and watch their transformation -- that's very exciting. The conference gives a platform to reach more women.

- Caitlin Byrnes