Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has for the second time this week penned an article calling for the impeachment of President Obama, offering yet another reason for why a growing majority of Americans say she needs to stop talking.

“No serious person who is paying attention can deny that Obama and his administration have abused and violated the public trust and disregarded the Constitution. Let me count the ways,” Palin wrote in an article punished on Fox News.

“Without notifying Congress as required by law, he set free terrorist prisoners at a time of war when they can return to the battlefield to kill our troops,” she added.

In an article published earlier this week on Breitbart, the former governor argued that the White House's underwhelming response to the current border crises served as reason enough to filed articles of impeachment agains Obama.

Her column was of course met with praise from her fan base and scorn from the regular detractors.

Her Fox op-ed continued: Obama “committed fraud on the American people when he promised that if we liked our health care plan we could keep it.”

“Barack Obama’s administration is proving itself a festering boil of scandal. The Constitution is rock solid in holding the president responsible for the executive branch,” the article added. “He can’t just vote 'present' while shrugging and feigning ignorance about all these abuses of the public trust, any more than a mob boss can claim innocence because he didn’t personally do the hit. The buck stops with the guy at the top.”

A Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey released this week revealed that majority of voters -- 52 percent -- believe Palin should just “be quiet.”

The survey, which was conducted from June 30-July 7 and polled 1,392 respondents, found that Palin ranked lower than Jesse Jackson, former Vice President Dick Cheney and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

“Some argue we should wait for midterm elections and hope a big victory by Republicans in both Houses of Congress will rein in Obama,” Palin's Fox column reads. “Been there, done that in 2010. If Congress refuses to use the power the Constitution gives it, Barack Obama will continue to rule however he wants.”

She concluded with a list of complaints against the Obama administration:

We live in an America where the NSA spies on our communications, the IRS targets us because of our political beliefs, the border is overrun by foreign nationals, terrorist leaders are released to the battlefield, our health care is taken from us and we're forced to buy a plan we don't want and can't afford, Catholic nuns are targeted by the government simply because they adhere to their Catholic faith, the Justice Department arms Mexican drug lords, and the president keeps a “kill list” of people he's authorized to be executed on sight.

If you’re comfortable with all that, then by all means sit back and hope for the best. Those concerned about America want change. That comes with healing the injuries done to society by an unchecked president; that starts with impeachment.

Click here to read the full op-ed, which, oddly enough, hasn't been tagged as an “EXCLUSIVE.”