A new poll out Sunday has Republican Roy Moore losing to Democrat Doug Jones in Alabama’s upcoming special Senate election.

The poll, conducted by JMC Analytics and Polling, has Jones at 46 percent compared to Moore’s 42 percent among likely voters. More than half of those surveyed were 65 or older and described themselves as an evangelical Christian.

Moore was heavily favored to win the election, but the race has tightened in the last month. Molestation allegations against Moore dropped on Thursday, sending Republicans into a tailspin over what to do about their candidate. Moore has said he plans to stay in the race.

Among voters who remain undecided, Jones again beats Moore with 48 percent saying they are leaning toward the Democrat compared to 44 percent leaning toward Moore. The poll was conducted on Nov. 9 — the day the allegations against Moore became public — and on Nov. 11.

State officials said it’s too late to take Moore’s name off the ballot.

Republicans in Congress are mulling what options they have to block Moore from taking the Senate seat. There’s talk of delaying the special election, and encouraging Sen. Luther Strange R-Ala., who lost to Moore in the Republican primary to mount a write-in bid, according to the New York Times.

There’s also buzz among Republicans about expelling Moore once he elected.