Clarification: An earlier version of this story reported that Drake had entered Sprinkles cupcakes, in fact, he was in Georgetown, but did not enter the store. We regret the error.

We hear that Drake stopped by Sprinkles cupcakes in Georgetown Tuesday afternoon, but went unnoticed by staff. He made much more of an impression Monday night, when the rapper came by the downtown nightclub Eden and ordered around 40 bottles of booze for his entourage, according to TMZ. Drake, who made news last week for his involvement in a New York City bar brawl with bad boy singer Chris Brown, rolled in with a crowd of 15 to 20 security people, which we're told, is a smaller entourage than usual. (Really?) As for those cupcakes, Drake has been gifted Sprinkles in the past, and they're also a favorite of Brown's, who tweeted in May that he had stopped by the Sprinkles ATM in Los Angeles. Perhaps cupcakes can bring them together?