The Drudge Report rarely produces original coverage.

Rather, the notorious website is a news aggregator, meaning its primary function is to highlight other people's reporting, which it does with splashy headlines and hyperlinks.

Yet, despite that the Drudge Report mostly links out to professional newsrooms, and produces original content on only the rarest of occasions, it still manages sometimes to bungle the news, even when the linked stories themselves aren't inaccurate or misleading.

On Monday, the right-leaning aggregator did exactly this.

"Teacher brings 20 from juvenile detention center to protest in Chicago," read a rather alarming Drudge Report headline.

The site then linked back to the source material, which was a Chicago Tribune report titled, "Teens study 'democracy in action' at May Day protest."

The story did not match up with Drudge's headline.

"Chicago Public Schools teacher Hector Sanchez brought 20 of his students to the May Day protest Monday across from the county juvenile detention center," the read read [emphasis added].

There's a big difference between bringing 20 from a juvenile detention center and bringing 20 students to a protest held across from one.

"The trip came as part of a 'democracy in action' program for political science students at Social Justice High School in Little Village, where they learn about government. In class, Sanchez taught students about lobbying Congress, but some wanted to know: 'How do regular people lobby?'" the Tribune reported.

"This is part of that," Sanchez told the Chicago-based paper.

(h/t Peter Hasson)