Matt Drudge, editor and founder of the influential Drudge Report, attacked congressional Republicans Tuesday over what he apparently sees as their decision to abandon their pledge to cut taxes.

On social media Tuesday morning, Drudge accused the GOP of lying about their promise on tax reform.

"[By the way], Republicans lied about wanting tax cuts," Drudge wrote on Twitter. "Can we get our votes back?"

Drudge, a supporter of President Trump, appeared to be referring to the lack of movement on legislation to reform the tax code, which Republicans have said would result in lower marginal rates. However, the new Republican bill to reform Obamacare would cut out billions of dollars worth of taxes on the wealthy.

Republican leaders have in the past said tax reform will happen this year but have not set a definite schedule for it.

Drudge also said the National Weather Service has "lots of misses piling up" after its latest forecast related to Winter Storm Stella, and argued the forecasts are being exaggerated by "climate hysterics."

"Trump should clear out climate hysterics from NWS," he tweeted. "All storms grossly exaggerated."