A group of Massachusetts patriots outraged by the monopoly on American tea importation displayed their anger on Dec. 16, 1773, by seizing 342 chests of tea from three ships and throwing them into Boston Harbor.

For these Colonial activists, this symbolic gesture helped to ignite a revolution.

Now, in December 2013 – 240 years later – another symbolic gesture against the tyranny of oppression is taking place, and a new fuse of opposition may have finally been lit.

With the “suspension” or outright firing of "Papa Duck" Phil Robertson by the liberal, but oh-so-greedy and cowardly A&E network, conservatives, Christians and all those who cherish traditional values may have decided they have suffered their last insult from the far-left intelligentsia.

After years of having their beliefs ridiculed, belittled and obscenely defamed, while they themselves were regularly accused of bigotry and hate simply because of their faith, it appears millions may finally be ready to draw a line in the sand, using support of Robertson as their chests of tea.

One of the reasons the spineless executives who run A&E instantly caved in to the demands of gay activists and others to fire Robertson for voicing his opposition to the homosexual lifestyle is because these executives are well aware of the tactics of the far left.

They knew that if they did not accede immediately to the command from the liberal thought police, the predictable onslaught would begin and they would lose tens of millions of dollars.

The punishment from the far left is well-documented and well-practiced. It would be a non-stop campaign to drive the sponsors not only from "Duck Dynasty," but from the entire A&E network.

More than that, they would picket the homes of the executives, try to hack into their computers and servers, attack them relentlessly on social media sites and even throw human waste at them until they knelt before them in defeat.

With regard to the “conservative” or “Christian” movement, the exact opposite is true. The liberals who exercise an almost complete monopoly on entertainment, the media and academia, and who have made attacks on conservative or Christian thought coupled with the blacklisting of conservative professors a twisted sport, knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that out of civility and faith, their targets would always turn the other cheek and never fight back.

Sure, depending on how outrageous or disgusting the far left’s attacks were, you might see some moderate push-back from conservatives or Christians before they went silent and gave up even more of their values and part of our republic in the exchange.

For the last few decades, they have lost nearly every battle to the far left with the war seemingly all but over.

Ironically, what is forgotten in all of these past victories by the liberal thought police is that conservatives, Christians and all those who base their lives on traditional values still make up the majority of this country. And yet it is they who are caving in to a tyrannical minority bent on silencing them forever.

Maybe, that is, until now. Will the “suspension” of Robertson be the final straw? Will this enforced silent majority finally scream “enough is enough” and begin to defend their rights and defend their faith?

The coming days and weeks will give us the answer.

Douglas MacKinnon is a former White House and Pentagon official and the author of the memoir “Rolling Pennies In The Dark.â€ï¿½ (Simon & Schuster, 2012)