A dummy JavaScript file still live on the healthcare.gov website features characters from Star Wars and Transformers.

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The file includes the names "Han Solo," "Chewbacca Wookie," and "Leia Organa" as well as "Optimus Smith" and "Prime Smith."

Dummy javascript files are used for testing purposes and are rarely released to a live website.

The file also features coding to upload a "Permanent Resident Card" PDF file for Marvel comic book character Wanda Maximoff a.k.a. Scarlet Witch) and data for Steve Rogers (a.k.a. Captain America.)

Another part of the code features "Maleficent Insurance" featuring a plan name of "Really Bad."

An address within the code points to a "Laserwash" car wash in Harker Heights, Texas.

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It appears that there is nothing malicious with the code, just the product of a bored developer with an imagination.

The file was pointed out by a Reddit user who marveled at the size of the 186k element that was released on the site.

A close examination of the code revealed the fictional characters names within the file.