Lena Dunham gets angry when people assume she's voting for Hillary Clinton just because of her gender, the actress said Saturday while stumping for the Democratic front-runner.

"[It's] as if I have some feminist version of beer-goggles, lets call it 'estrogen blindness', and I just kind of walk like a zombie towards the nearest vagina," Dunham said in an Iowa City coffee shop, according to the the Guardian.

"This assumption is condescending at best and it is sharply misogynistic at worst," Dunham added.

Dunham, who frequently touts her admiration of Clinton, is visiting early primary states to express support for the former secretary of state. Dunham interviewed Clinton last September for the launch of Dunham's feminist newsletter, "Lenny."

In New Hampshire a day earlier, Dunham voiced the same frustration and genital analogy, saying she doesn't have an "estrogen lens" that causes her to "go walking up to the nearest vagina and vote for them."

At the same time, Dunham admits that one of the reasons she's supporting Clinton is because of the message it would send to the country if U.S. voters sent a woman to the White House.

"There's nothing that would send a stronger message to this country, and to the world at large, than sending a competent, strong, essential woman to the highest office," she said.