During a book event Paula Broadwell was asked about David Petraeus’ weaknesses, a question she appeared to have difficulty answering.

Broadwell said she enjoyed “teasing” the famous General for being “mono-directional.”

“He doesn’t like to do anything besides run and do P.T. and read and work, you know, and go out to dinner with Holly,” Broadwell explained. “I don’t know if that’s a weakness, but I feel like he could have more balance and learn to relax.”

Broadwell added that Petraeus put “duty, honor, country and his service of the nation above his family,” but added that she considered it a “strength and a weakness.”

“As a working mother and wife, my husband works really works hard, it's hard to find balance, you know, it's pretty clear and Holly’s pretty clear that she’s supported him and yet they have this wonderful marriage and very established children,” she explained.

The interview took place while Broadwell was engaged in an affair with Petraeus, beginning in August 2011. Sources say Petraeus and Broadwell ended the affair about four months ago.