President Obama's inability to ensure a smooth rollout of the Obamacare exchange website amounts to the greatest failure of management by any Democratic president, said former Pennsylvania Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell, a longtime ally of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

"Yeah, I think there was terrible mismanagement," Rendell said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" when asked if problems with amount to the worst management of any Democratic administration.

"If it was my program, I would have been testing it six months out; every week, I would have been running tests and the tests would have been run in front of me."

Rendell's comments may reflect how "the extended Clintonworld is concerned about how [Hillary Clinton] will deal with Obama's record," as Politico put it in a piece about the next presidential election.

Whether Rendell intended the comment as such or not, it points to a problem Hillary Clinton might have if Obamacare's struggles continue into the 2016 election cycle. The health care law, with its individual mandate, looks much more like the reform that Clinton campaigned for in 2008 than even the policy Obama ran on. Hillary Clinton won't be able to distance herself from the policy; she'll have to quibble with its implementation. As the Washington Examiner's Phil Klein has noted before, that's a tactic Republicans tried on Iraq, but it didn't work.