Jamilah Lemieux, senior digital editor for Ebony, began a Twitter war when she joked about having drinking games prepared for reading Dr. Ben Carson and Armstrong Williams’ new magazine for black conservatives.

While clearly opinionated, nothing in the tweet was overly harsh. But after Black Entertainment Television blogger Joyce Jones simply asked for more information about the magazine, and included the Twitter handles of conservatives Orlando Watson, Raffi Williams and Hughey Newsome, things quickly disintegrated.

Raffi Williams didn’t insult or “troll” Lemieux, but then she jumped to her own biased conclusions that conservatives are all whiteand attacked him. Raffi Williams, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee, is the son of journalist and liberal TV analyst Juan Williams.

Following the above exchange, Lemieux tweeted, “I don't care what race you are. I don't know why you GOP folks troll on here.”

Lemieux did sort of apologize to Williams by saying she didn’t look at his Twitter avatar before calling him “a white dude,” by saying:

Can’t you feel the sincerity?

After the above exchange, Lemieux began a series of “subtweets,” where she attacked conservatives without mentioning their names, even comparing them to “roaches.”

Lemieux even said conservatives had “terrible” reading comprehension, yet she is the one who misinterpreted the tweet from Jones and lashed out. Lemieux even attacked Jones directly, asking why the BET blogger “drag[ged] all these people into my mentions?”