Editorial guidelines for Washington Examiner op-ed contributors

By the editors of the Washington Examiner
Last updated Nov. 16, 2017


The Washington Examiner is interested in publishing tightly reasoned, factually based and timely op-eds. Please keep op-ed submissions to 700 words or less (we are serious about this) and send them to Online Opinions Editor David Freddoso, pasted in the body of an email.

If your op-ed is about campus or young adult issues, send it to Red Alert Politics section editor Lauren Cooley.

Be sure to include a one-line author credit at the end, containing relevant information about the author's occupation.

Please avoid bad grammar, spell proper names correctly and give complete titles on first reference. The Washington Examiner follows the Associated Press Stylebook. Please do not submit op-eds formatted as an open letter. As a rule, we only publish opeds that are offered to us exclusively.

Be prepared to provide credible and complete documentation of the factual or logical basis of every statement contained in a submission.

If any third party is paying the author conditional on the piece getting published, that relationship must be disclosed.

Bear in mind while writing that attacks on individuals' character, ethnicity, birthplace, parentage, sexual orientation or personality are no substitute for logical argumentation, careful presentation of fact and intellectual civility.