This Christmas, the Ted Cruz coloring book has already become a hot item on Amazon, but there are plenty of haters who already have given it a one-star rating.

According to the publisher, Really Big Coloring Books Inc., the activity book about the GOP Texas senator is already in its third printing after just six days.

"Can you give no stars?" asked L. McKellar from Ontario, Canada. "I hope he included facts like the dinosaurs frolicked with human children and earthquakes are caused by scantily clad women."

"I particularly like the part where Cruz's parents put him in a basket of rushes, and set him afloat on the Atlantic where he drifts, guided by the hand of God, to Canada," wrote reviewer Shari Lewis.

"If you love your children keep them far away from this man, this book, and his attempts to indoctrinate your children!" wrote reviewer Michael W. Creadon.

"This review needs a different scale to rate -- not one of stars, but piles of bulls**t," wrote another disbelieving shopper.

"We learn how Teddy was born in the little town of Bethlehem, Pa. — not in some commie country — and there was no room at the inn so they put him in a basket ... but I don't want to spoil it! Ignore it today!" another reviewer ranted.

"Creating a coloring book to lie to and indoctrinate children smacks not just of North Korea's ministry of propaganda, but of Germany in 1942," wrote another angry noncustomer. "But it fits right in with the self-aggrandizing Mr. Cruz's attempt to promote himself into unmerited power."

"Shouldn't this book be over in the colon cleansing section?" complained another one star reviewer.

"Talk about indoctrinating children!!" wrote reviewer Pennee R. Atkinson. "Teach them not to think, to avoid any cognitive dissonance. This is a tactic used by dictators to teach young people how to kill other people and think it is the right thing."

Despite the obvious online hatred towards the book, some Amazon shoppers used the one-star reviews from angry liberals as a reason to buy the book themselves.

"Just ordered this book after reading the reviews of the one star commenters. I am still giggling at the 'outrage' at the very thought that this book has been written and is actually for sale," wrote a five-star reviewer. "Wow, thanks for the morning laugh! It's still America, sort of, and for the most part folks have the right to purchase, or not purchase any book. Thank you, Amazon."

"For those progressive liberals, try not to eat the crayons while you draw," another five star reviewer added dryly.