Did Eleanor Holmes Norton really say that about Mitt Romney during Tuesday night's debate? According to her spokesman Scott McCrary, the D.C. delegate was indeed behind the wheel of her Twitter account, sending out a bevy of updates, including one in which she announced that the Republican presidential candidate had peaked prematurely during the first debate. (Let's try to keep this family friendly, shall we?) She also misspelled President Obama's name on several occasions.

On Wednesday morning, sixteen tweets from her account were deleted, according to the Sunlight Foundation's Politwoops, a deleted tweet catcher, but they weren't all from debate night. Some of the deleted tweets go back six weeks. McCrary tells Yeas & Nays that's because Norton was posting to the wrong twitter account. "We had to delete them this morning because they were accidentally posted to her official House twitter account, instead of her campaign account."

UPDATED: Strangely, Norton's campaign website links to her House Twitter account and a Twitter search shows no evidence of a separate campaign Twitter account.