Former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who resigned in 2008 due to a high-end prostitution scandal, reacted to the jokes that were already surfacing since he announced his intention to run for New York City Comptroller.

Asked on “CBS This Morning” about how he planned to deal with the jokes like today’s New York Post cover, he admitted that politics was a “contact sport” that he was prepared to deal with.

“You need willpower, you need fortitude, you need skin as thick as a rhinoceros has and you need a desire to serve the public,” Spitzer explained.

When asked whether his political race was a matter of personal ego, Spitzer insisted that he did not see political service as a path for redemption.

“What I am seeking is service,” he said. “For five years I have talked, I’ve written, I’ve had TV shows and I hate to say this here, but the most satisfying thing for me ever is public service.”