Former Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, and his wife, Elizabeth were spotted on the red carpet at Sunday night's Academy Awards, but for Elizabeth it was more than just hobnobbing with old pals and supporters like Michael Douglas and George Clooney. (Though, she tells us, there was some of that too.) "In a way, I am, this year, making my way into the industry, so it was lovely to be at the Oscars and to be surrounded by people that I have so much respect for," she told Yeas & Nays.

She's referring to the fact that she's been involved in the making of two documentaries -- both of which are debuting this year. First, there's the pithily named "GMO OMG," a doc about genetically modified organisms that was first shown at the Berlin Film Festival last month. Also, "Hot Water," which is about the effects of Uranium mining in the states, which premieres at next month's D.C. Environmental Film Festival.

Kucinich said that she and her husband were rooting for "Argo" to win Best Picture, which it did. "With 'Argo' winning, it's very clear that you can have a political movie and it can be successful," Kucinich explained. She also liked that Helen Hunt got nominated for "The Sessions" and thought Charlize Theron looked stunning. "She's so statuesque," Kucinich cooed.