Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., rarely, if ever, speaks to reporters on Capitol Hill.

There may be a reason for this: On the few occasions she sits down for scheduled, in-studio interviews with national press, she often blurts out things she apparently regrets later. Imagine how much worse it’d be for Warren and her staff if she took questions on the fly from reporters in the nation’s capital.

Take, for example, when Warren asserted on CNN on Nov. 2 that the 2016 Democratic primaries were rigged in Hillary Clinton’s favor. The senator said this after former DNC interim Chairwoman Donna Brazile suggested as much during a media tour for her new book.

Warren is still trying to walk that one back.

"Well, let’s clarify," the Massachusetts senator said Monday in an interview with "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert.

"We have a problem at the DNC, I agree with [Brazile] on that, and we have a new head of the DNC, who has said, ‘Yeah, there’s some things that are wrong, we should never have our thumb on the scales at the DNC.’ And now he is committed to putting new rules in place — to make sure that the Democratic Party is the party of the people so we can fight forward,” she added.

Uh huh.

Warren’s remarks Monday mark the latest in a series of attempts to walk back her “rigged” claim.

On Nov. 9, she tried to clarify her remarks by saying in an interview with MassLive, “I agree with what Donna Brazile has said over the last few days; that while there was some bias at the DNC, the overall 2016 primary process was fair and Hillary made history."

All of this stands in sharp contrast to what Warren said initially about the primaries.

Asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper about Brazile’s assertion earlier this month that the Clinton team staged a “secret takeover” of the DNC in 2015, and that Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., was muscled out of the primaries, Warren’s reaction was to agree.

"This is a real problem, but what we've got to do is, Democrats now, we've got to hold this party accountable," she said. "When [DNC chief] Tom Perez was first elected chair of the DNC, the very first conversation I had with him is to say, you have got to put together a Democratic Party in which everybody can have confidence that the party is working for Democrats, rather than Democrats are working for the party."

She added, "Either [Perez] is going to succeed by bringing Bernie Sanders and Bernie Sanders' representatives into this process and they're going to say it's fair, it works, we all believe it, or he's going to fail. I hope for Democrats everywhere, I hope for Bernie and for all of Bernie’s supporters he's going to succeed."

Tapper pressed for further clarification, asking outright if the primaries were rigged for Clinton.

"Yes," Warren stated flatly.

Or maybe not?

In case you were wondering why Warren only does carefully choreographed media appearances, and basically refuses to take questions from reporters unless she has been fully briefed and prepared, her handling of this “rigged” business may answer your question.