Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., said Monday that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, led by Mick Mulvaney, is giving the "middle finger" to consumers by reportedly backing off the agency's investigation into Equifax.

"Another middle finger from @MickMulvaneyOMB to consumers," Warren remarked on Twitter.

Reuters reported Monday that the probe into the data breach affecting more than 140 million people has slowed under Mulvaney.

Warren also used the "middle finger" metaphor in connection with Mulvaney in November, when it was first reported that President Trump was considering naming him as acting director of the CFPB, the agency that Warren first proposed and helped launch.

Mulvaney, who is additionally serving as the director of the Office of Management and Budget, also has a verified Twitter profile identifying him as the acting director of the CFPB.

But Warren didn't use that handle, instead using his OMB profile. Warren has recognized former CFPB Deputy Director Leandra English as the CFPB's acting director. English unsuccessfully sued in federal court to be recognized as the acting director on the grounds that the law that set up the bureau provided for the deputy director to take over in case of a vacancy.