What’s the only thing worse than a politician who uses an alleged racial slur? A politician who fundraises off it.

At an event to honor Navajo code talkers, President Trump praised the bravery of the World War II veterans, called them “very, very special people,” and then went off script. Trump couldn’t help himself

“You were here long before any of us were here,” Trump said, building up to a needless though subsequently overwrought slam. “Although we have a representative in Congress who, they say, was here a long time ago. They call her Pocahontas.”

Trump was referring, of course, to Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren who, of course, wasted little time before fundraising off of the incident. Proving she could paint with the colors of liberal outrage, the progressive fired off a fundraising email less than 12 hours after the incident.

"You might have heard that Donald Trump likes to call me 'Pocahontas.' He does it on Twitter, at rallies, and even in official White House meetings," the Massachusetts senator wrote Monday, complaining that Trump demonstrated the "very worst of gutter politics” (as if we haven’t heard this ad nausea already).

Never mind that Warren lied for years about her heritage since the Clintons occupied the White House. Forget that Warren is 1/32 Native American at best, and probably not even that, but represented herself as a minority while teaching at Harvard Law school and repeatedly bragged about her ethnicity in public (as in her cringe-worthy 2012 campaign).

The truth is that Warren has no room to complain. Outrage is a valuable political currency. It picks people up off the couch, moves them to the kitchen table and their checkbooks. It then carries them outside to the mailbox — campaign contribution in hand.

At the same time, was it prudent for Trump to make light of the senator’s decades of lies by invoking the name of a Native American princess made famous by an award-winning and much beloved American animated musical drama? Maybe not.

But the truth is that Warren can’t really be outraged. If anything, she should thank the president. He’s helping her fill her war chest.