Sen. Elizabeth Warren was sounding like a presidential candidate Tuesday night on "The Daily Show," as she crusaded against interest rates on federal student loans, and her favorite target: big banks.

The Massachusetts Democrat is doing a lot of crusading as she travels to sell her autobiography, A Fighting Chance, though she says she's not running. And the message is the same: The nation's political and economic system is rigged against average Americans by the "1 percenters," and she's fighting on behalf of the 99 percent who don't share in its benefits.

There's just one problem: She's one of the 1 percent, and got that way by gaming the system.

Warren is a rich lawyer (net worth estimated at $14.5 million in 2011) who used her position as a Harvard professor to earn fat fees from corporate clients needing bankruptcy help, such as LTV Steel and Travelers Insurance. She also falsely claimed to be an American Indian in ways that may have helped her benefit from affirmative action in hiring, and stuck to that claim even after it had been refuted by Cherokee genealogists.

Warren should run for president. She's the perfect nominee for a Democratic Party that has degenerated into a coalition of cronies, rent-seekers, limousine lefties and grievance-mongers of both the ethnic and sexual varieties and is anything but "democratic."

As Robert Tracinski writes in The Federalist:

The Democratic Party is the party of inequality. They are the political faction that has a vested interest in inequality, because they depend on appeals to guilt and envy. To upper-middle-class elites, they promise to alleviate any spiritual discomfort caused by contemplating their relative good fortune, by the easy expedient of voting to spend a little extra money on welfare handouts — preferably the money of somebody just a little bit richer than them — rather than doing anything that would actually help the city’s poor find jobs and housing and transportation. For the poor, they promise to take the rich down a notch and distribute some of the loot.

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