An email made public Thursday by the State Department indicated Hillary Clinton was not happy to learn she had been edited out of a photograph of cabinet officials gathered in the Situation Room.

The message, one of 5,500 pages of Clinton's private emails released on New Year's Eve, showed Clinton asked one of her aides to push the White House for a formal complaint after a Hasidic newspaper ran an image of President Obama, chief of staff Denis McDonough and members of the administration's national security team as they watched the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound unfold.

Although Clinton is featured in the official version of the photograph, she did not appear in the image published by the newspaper Der Zeitung in May 2011.

Clinton complained to a handful of aides, friends and even her daughter that she had read she was "photoshopped out perhaps because no woman should be in such a place of power or that I am dressed immodestly!!" in an email bearing the subject line "Unbelievable."

Clinton linked to a blog covering orthodox Judaism called the "Failed Messiah," saying the photoshopping incident, and the potential reasons behind the removal, was reported on the blog.

The photograph manipulation caused a minor dust-up shortly after it was published in 2011, prompting a spate of headlines about whether Clinton and one other female adviser had been cut from the image for ideological reasons.

Der Zeitung editors responded by explaining their editorial rules prohibited the publication of any photographs of women due to "laws of modesty."

Clinton's aides were clearly upset by the omission of the former secretary of state from the picture.

"WH photos are not supposed to be altered," one staffer wrote in reply to Clinton's complaint. "I'm just so incredibly pissed off I want to do SOMETHING!!"