Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton requested three printed copies of a story defending secrecy in international diplomacy in deleted emails released by the State Department Friday.

Cheryl Mills, one of Clinton's top aides, in November 2010 forwarded her a 2010 story in the New Yorker titled "The Right to Secrecy," an essay by George Packer following a dump of diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks.

Clinton replied to Mills with, "Pls print 3 copies."

Packer's essay argued that U.S. diplomacy was being hurt by the WikiLeaks dump because it harmed diplomats' right to work in private. He wrote the dumps contained no major scandals for the Bush and Obama administrations, so the radical transparency provided by the release of cables did not outweigh the right of diplomats to work in private.

Clinton's secrecy has been the source of much consternation during the 2016 presidential election, as the scandal surrounding her and her private email server refuses to fade away.

The State Department has been releasing emails recovered from the server in the days leading up to Election Day, with more coming out this week.

Many of the emails released Friday were duplicates of previously released emails. Some, however, were related to planning Clinton's schedule as secretary of state, refuting her statements that the emails on the private server that were deleted were all personal in nature.