Top contractors working on the Obamacare website had numerous concerns over data security in the days just prior to the 2013 launch, newly released emails from the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch show.

The rollout of the site, which allows Obamacare customers to enroll in tax-subsidized insurance plans, was plagued with crashes, glitches and other problems in October 2013.

For example, just five days before the launch, an unsigned "Authorization to Operate" memo shows a contractor noting that "data was accessed that should not be publicly accessible. We recommend considering the potential security risks from divulging this data and implementing appropriate controls."

"Obamacare is corrupt, as we see further proof in these FOIA documents that sensitive health information on millions of Americans was put at risk," Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement.

In other emails created one month after the launch, IT security Chief Tom Schankweiler was trying to wrap his arms around duplicate security issues, and emailed, "This is just a lot to keep up with and respond to. Also our confidential and sensitive information is growing legs and going way beyond the normal borders, which has actually led to some of the recent security incidents."

Judicial Watch sued the Department of Health and Human Services to obtain the documents released Tuesday, after HHS didn't respond to a FOIA request filed in December 2013, two months after the website's rollout.