Emails show Hillary Clinton's inner circle knew what the Democratic chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee was planning to ask Clinton at the first congressional hearing about Benghazi, raising questions about whether the former secretary of state manipulated the hearing to her advantage.

In an email sent by Phillippe Reines, a former spokesman for Clinton at the State Department, to Chelsea Clinton in 2013, Reines suggested he had played a part in planting a question with Sen. Robert Menendez, who then chaired the committee.

"We wired it that Menendez would provide an opportunity to address two topics we needed to debunk (her actions/whereabouts on 9/11 and these emails from Chris Stevens about moving locations)," Reines wrote on the email, which was obtained by Citizens United.

The New Jersey Democrat's first question to Clinton during the hearing on Benghazi touched on both those subjects.

"Can you give us your insights on the decision-making process regarding the location of the mission and as part of that ... what actions were you and your staff taking the night of September 11 and into September the 12th?" Menendez had asked.

The new email is significant because Clinton repeatedly pointed to previous congressional inquiries into Benghazi — including the foreign relations committee hearing — in her attempts to delegitimize the House Select Committee on Benghazi's findings earlier this year.

During the Jan. 2013 hearing in question, Clinton infamously sparred with Republican Sen. Ron Johnson, shouting, "What difference, at this point, does it make?" when pressed about the causes of the attack.

The email was first reported by Fox News.