Actress Emily Ratajkowski introduced Bernie Sanders at a New Hampshire rally earlier Monday.

"So I am a young woman and umm, well, just to make one thing clear: I'm here because I support Bernie Sanders. I'm not here for the boys," Ratajkowski said.

The "Gone Girl" and "Entourage" star was referencing recent comments from feminist writer Gloria Steinem, who said young women were only supporting Sanders to impress men.

That line from Ratajkowski's speech also flies in the face of the famous Madeleine Albright quote ("There is a special place in hell for women that don't help other women") that some have begun to use for the purpose of describing female Democratic voters who support Sanders over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Ratajkowski did say she would love to see a female president one day, but in this election cycle, she is feeling the Bern.

"I have seen symbolism in this election, symbolism that fails the people that so desperately need the action to make change," she said. "I want my first female president to be more than a symbol, I want her to have politics that can revolutionize.

"Bernie Sanders is offering the action we desperately need. His economic solution will provide for those who suffer from the oppression of a broken system, including women."

She praised Sanders' promises to not give into corporations and the private sector, give families more time off for maternity care and work to close the income gap. Then she extolled the virtues of his social views.

"He can create a country that does not incarcerate more than it educates," she said. "A country with a demilitarized police force — one where we do not allow young black men to be murdered without accountabiitly. He gives us hope for equality."

Ratjakowski ended her speech with another reminder that even though Sanders is not a woman, in her eyes, he is the best person for the presidency.

"It's certainly not about the gender of the candidate," she said. "This is about a chance for real change, one that will effect each and every American. This is about our future. A future to believe in."