Emily's List, which funds mostly liberal women candidates, on Wednesday pushed Vice President Joe Biden to use his Thursday night debate with Rep. Paul Ryan to help drive the gender gap even wider in favor of President Obama by slapping the GOP's economic "war on women."

"Paul Ryan will have to defend his abysmal record in the House," said Emily's List President Stephanie Schriock. "We hope the Vice President Biden makes him answer for his extreme anti-woman, anti-family agenda," she added.

The pressure on Biden to play up the so-called "War on Women," comes as the ACLU is urging debate moderator Martha Raddatz to ask Ryan questions on the issue. In email to supporters revealed by Beltway Confidential's Joel Gehrke, the American Civil Liberties Union called on supporters to "Tell Martha Raddatz, the debate moderator, to make sure a woman's right to make her own personal and private decisions isn't ignored when Joe Biden and Paul Ryan debate."

Schriock told Secrets that she expected Ryan's budget and how it addresses taxes and Medicare will dominate the debate.

"I think this is going to really center around women and families and these issues. That is what is at stake here," she said.

"As we've seen every day, more and more conversations about what's going on with women and families in this country, both economically and ability to make choices in their lives, as conversations happen we're going to continue to see the gender gap growing growing on behalf of Democrats who really believe we need to protect women's abilities to make choices in their lives," Schriock added.