Rapper Eminem says he can't watch the news anymore because President Trump makes his "blood boil" and it leaves him "too stressed out."

"I get almost flustered thinking about him — that’s how angry he makes me. He’s got people brainwashed," Eminem told Vulture, referring to Trump, in an interview published Monday

Eminem, born Marshall Mathers, is well known for his edgy lyrics, and his rhymes have veered into increasingly political territory under the Trump administration.

"I just feel mad that Trump’s sold people a dream that’s never coming true," he said. "I want the division in this country to stop."

In October, Eminem roasted Trump in a freestyle video aired at the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards.

After its release, he voiced annoyance during an interview with Shade 45 that the provocative tape didn't trigger a response from the White House.

"It’s not so much about him hearing something I have to say, because there’s nothing I’m saying about him on 'Revival' that he doesn’t already know about himself," he said, in reference to his ninth studio album that was released Dec. 15.

"It’s more that I want him to answer me, because I got ideas for all kinds of shit to say back to him if he does," he continued.

Eminem added he was not concerned with losing fans over his newfound political conscience.

“I’m not worried about whether people like what I say politically,” he said. “I just want to know they’re listening. As long as I have people’s ears, I have to say what I think is right.”