Eminem lost a lot of fans after he went after President Donald Trump in an acapella freestyle as part of the BET awards that ran over four minutes. However, he should've lost more fans for his followup single to his anti-Trump rant.

On Friday, Eminem (born Marshall Mathers) released a single titled "Walk on Water" featuring Beyonce. To quote the president on this one, it's a "failing pile of garbage." It's trash with eight a's.

It's now understandable why Mathers ripped Trump for over four straight minutes: He can't make a decent song anymore.

When you first see that Eminem was doing a collaboration with Queen Bey, you may think "okay, this song is about to be fire. It's really going to knock."

It really does not.

The song itself is a depressing four-chord piano ballad that makes you feel worse about the world. Beyonce does nothing to help this song, and if anything is a disservice to her talents. It's actually the worst way to get a fan hyped up to buy his next album, "Revival."

It opens with Beyonce singing, "I walk on water, but I ain’t no Jesus/ I walk on water but only when it freezes."

The song then turns into a snooze fest with Mathers rapping, "Why are expectations so high? Is it the bar I set, my arms outstretched, but I can’t reach? […] I lose my grip like the flying trapeze, into the dark I plummet."

He continues. “Always in search of the verse I haven’t spit yet, will this step just be another misstep?/To tarnish whatever the legacy or love or respect I’ve garnered/The rhyme has to be perfect, the delivery flawless/And it always feels like I’m hitting the mark/Till I go sit in the car, listen and pick it apart/Like ‘This shit is garbage.'”

How do you follow up eviscerating the president of the United States and getting away with Trump not tweeting about it, to then produce such melodramatic "woe is me" crap?

Eminem's freestyle propelled him to the front of the resistance against Trump. Liberal pundits like Keith Olbermann *finally* became a fan of hip-hop music because Mathers tore Trump apart.

Pro-Trump Eminem fans left Mathers' camp in droves, vowing to never buy his music. And you know what? They're probably better off for it. Eminem hasn't made a good album since 2009's "Relapse," where we got to see a still goofy Eminem rapping about things that are objectively morally repugnant. But at least he was really good at it. Now, he's boring. His "woke" political rants are mediocre at best. His songs are all regurgitated from classics he did in the past.

As a hip-hop fan who grew up listening to the boom bap classics of that raw and gritty New York sound to vibin' to those West Coast synthesizers or those southern 808 drums, I really want my idols to stop making music because they're all resting on their reputations. They're not hungry anymore. There's no drive to make music.

So, let this be a lesson to every hip-hop stan out there: If your favorite rapper needs to go after Trump to maintain some sort of relevancy, odds are they're probably making terrible music.