Actress Emma Thompson regrets not accepting an invitation to dine with President Trump because she could have discovered "the truth" about his distinct hair.

“If I had gone out with him for dinner, I could have done that,” she said, tousling American comedian Adam Sandler's hair while they were both guests on British television program "The Graham Norton Show." “Then we would all have known the truth [about his hair]. Then maybe he wouldn’t have been president.”

Thompson revealed after Trump's inauguration the former reality TV star and real estate mogul invited her to dinner while she was filming Bill Clinton-inspired movie "Primary Colors" in 1997, but recounted the story again for Norton and his audience.

“It rang one day and I picked it up and it was Donald Trump,” Thompson said, referring to a landline telephone she had in her trailer that she assumed "was not a working machine." “Donald Trump — Donald Trump! — was on the other end of the phone going, ‘Hi, it’s Donald Trump here,’ and I thought someone was having a laugh. So I said, ‘Oh fuck off.’”

When she realized it was really the future U.S. president, she told him she "would get back to him."

Thompson's interview comes as fellow actor Woody Harrelson admitted that a 2002 dinner with Trump was so "brutal," he had to excuse himself halfway through to smoke marijuana.