Emmanuel Macron will be France's president after Sunday's vote, according to preliminary estimates.

Immediate estimates after polls closed at 2 p.m. ET showed Macron getting about 65 percent of the vote, according to the BBC. National Front leader Marine Le Pen will end up with about 34.5 percent of the vote, according to the polling.

In a speech to the country, Macron said his goal for the next five years in office will be to allay the fears of the French people.

"I understand the anger, the anxiety, the doubt, which many of you have expressed and it's my responsibility to hear that," he said.

He added, "My responsibility will be to allay fears to make sure that we become more optimistic, to find again the spirit of conquest, which determines France more than anything else."

Macron ran as a pro-European Union candidate against Le Pen's nationalistic policies. He said he plans to defend France's participation in the European Union and be a leader on the international stage.

"It is our civilization which is at stake," he said. "Our freedom, our values and our hopes, and I shall do everything to strengthen Europe and the people that form it."

He said France will be "for international cooperation for security and development, and will fight against climate change."

"France will be in the first rank fighting against terrorism internationally and domestically," Macron said, "and will we lead that fight as long as it lasts without weakening."

Le Pen said in a speech following the election that she has called Macron to congratulate him on his victory. She said the National Front party will start working anew to advance their agenda in the French National Assembly.

"We have seen a major decomposition of French political life of the old traditional mainstream parties," Le Pen said, "and what we see now is a new real configuration, a rift between the patriots and the neoliberals and this is what we're going to fight at the legislative elections"

She added: "We have to renew our focus at this historic event and I propose therefore that we embark on a completely new phase for our party, which the French want and which is absolutely necessary for the country to get on its feet again."

The official results will not be available until later Sunday.

The poll was based on the results from polling stations that closed early, according to the BBC.