Update 11:30 a.m.: It appears the hashtag was originally started as a joke from the troll website 4Chan but was picked up by feminists who were actually outraged.

I’m hesitant to give credence to this drivel, but some things are just so ridiculous they need to be mocked.

Apparently, Father’s Day is just another way of perpetuating the patriarchal dominance that is so rampant in American society. Forget that Mother’s Day is also a thing, that’s not important. All that matters is that we end a day dedicated to the monsters among us, or something.


By that logic Mother’s Day promotes female dominance, but apparently that’s okay. Also, "all men are a threat"? Seriously?

Others also appear to be taking the hashtag seriously.


Because all fathers do is oppress their children. There’s never been a good father ever in the history of ever.

The hashtag even brought out the cis haters:

So don’t celebrate the father in your life who was not like that.

The hashtag – which apparently is not just a giant troll effort – promptly gained backlash from people who either had fathers or have the ability to think.



Apparently not.